What You Need To Know About The Hiring Process In The Floral Industry.

What You Need To Know About The Hiring Process In The Floral Industry.

Pollen Talent shares What You Need To Know About The Hiring Process In The Floral Industry

Pollen Talent shares 6 tips to help you get hired in the floral industry

Let’s face it: Finding a job is never simple, and searching for opportunities in the floral industry can be challenging. However, a job seeker who is well-prepared is more likely to navigate it with less stress and greater confidence.

Careers in the floral industry are fantastic opportunities, so having a basic awareness of the recruiting process will help you control your expectations, provide guidance on what to do at each stage, and increase your chances of success.

In order to help you get a head start on your job hunt, we’re going to give you a summary of the complete recruiting process in the floral sector below, along with specifics on what happens at each stage.

Here are 6 Basic Tips to keep in mind during the Floral Industry Recruitment Process

The job market is always changing, and different parts of the flower business have come up with their own ways to hire people. It often depends on the size of the company and the type of job being offered.

Regardless of these individual differences, here is an inside look at six common steps involved in the recruitment and selection process:

  1. Job Analysis

The first step is to do a job analysis. This means figuring out what position is open, figuring out what skills and tasks are needed, and writing a detailed job description.

Usually, the hiring manager is in charge of the whole process. They work with recruiters and the HR department to oversee how new employees are chosen and hired. Their goal is to find the person who has the best skills and qualifications for the job in the floral industry.


Understand the role within the company. Who am I going to be reporting to? Am I supervising a team? What would be the expected results for the position? Does my prior experience show similar responsibilities?

  1. Sourcing Candidates

In the floral industry, sourcing job candidates is done in two ways:

  • Internal Recruitment 

This is when recruitment is done from within the pool of employees already working for the company. It involves internal job offers or promoting or transferring current positions. In this case, vacancies are advertised on bulletin boards, via email, or in company newsletters if there are any.

Sometimes, hiring managers even ask for referrals from other employees on who they think is fit for the role.

Tip: Reach out to contacts and see what types of companies are currently hiring.

  • External Recruitment 

This entails recruiting new employees from outside the company. It involves advertising the floral industry job on newspapers or online job sites like LinkedIn or Indeed, or sometimes even on social media.

The hiring manager can also work with a recruiter or agency to find people with the right skills and ask them to apply for the job.

Tips: Make sure to update my resume on recruiting websites regularly so that recruiters see that I’m actively looking. 

Reach out to agencies and send my resume to the HR department of the companies I might be interested in. Here are some jobs in the floral industry.

Pollen Talent shares What You Need To Know About The Hiring Process In The Floral Industry

  1. Initial Screening

In the all industries, it’s common for people to apply for jobs without knowing if they meet the qualifications or not.

To narrow down the pool of suitable applicants, the hiring manager sifts through a collection of resumes or CVs to identify and reject outright based on who “looks good on paper.” This can be done manually or through a computer program that scans resumes for keywords and phrases relating to specific skills, career experience, etc.

Tip: Make sure my resume has the keywords the job ad is looking for.

  1. Shortlisting Applicants

After initial screening, the hiring manager makes a list of qualified candidates with high hiring potential.

Reference checks and background checks on promising applicants are usually conducted during this stage. Oftentimes, a screening phone call is conducted to determine whether the candidate is truly interested in the job.

  1. Interviews And Assessment Tests

At this stage, the hiring manager sits down with each candidate for a face-to-face interview to ask a range of questions about their skills, experience, and how they relate to the job. The purpose is to assess each candidate and make sure each candidate understands how the floral industry works and what is expected of them in the position.

Aside from interviews, assessments can also involve:

  • A written or oral test involving behavioral and situational questions that gauge work ethic, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. Here, the hiring manager will evaluate if the candidate fits with the corporate culture. This kind of test is usually required for management positions, sales or customer-service floral industry jobs.
  • A practical skills test for validated evaluation of a candidate’s ability to perform the duties listed in the job description. This kind of test is usually required for hands-on positions like florists and floral assistants.
  1. Selection And Job Offer

After all the interviews and tests, the hiring manager will choose the best candidate and make a formal job offer. Although some companies make the offer in person, it’s more typical to do so by phone, email, or letter.

A proper job offer should include important details like compensation, benefits, a work schedule, and performance expectations. During this stage, the salary and other employment terms are also discussed to come to a deal that works for both parties.

The applicant is then given ample time to accept or reject the job offer. Check out these jobs in the floral industry.

Explore New Career Opportunities In The Floral Industry With Us! 

If you know how hiring and recruiting work, you’ll be better able to move through the floral job market and make a good impression at every step.

Looking to start your career in the floral industry or build your dream team? Check out these jobs in the floral industry.

Reach out to us! We can help job seekers and employers like you find the right fit for your skills, creativity, talent, and team!

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