The Flower Industry Through the Eyes of a Recruiter

A Transformation in Floral Industry Careers and Flower Industry Job Openings

The COVID-19 pandemic led to dramatic changes across various industries, and the flower sector was no exception. From layoffs to shifts in business models, the landscape of floral industry careers has continuously evolved. As a recruiter in the flower industry, I’ve witnessed these changes first-hand. Let’s explore how some businesses adapted, the fluctuating landscape of flower industry job openings, and why this industry continues to attract passionate professionals.

The Initial Wave of COVID-19: Layoffs and Business Slowdowns

When the pandemic first struck, the flower industry was in a tight spot. Many businesses had to make tough decisions, including layoffs. Some wholesalers let go of a large portion of their staff, while others managed to keep layoffs minimal. Similarly, various distributors reduced their workforce, but the percentage differed from company to company. Many employees sought opportunities elsewhere during this period, with some not returning to the flower industry. Better pay, less demanding work, and the freedom to enjoy holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day became more appealing.

The Emergence of Remote Sales: A Silver Lining

Despite the initial challenges, some companies found an opportunity for growth through remote sales. The shift to a remote sales call model turned out to be beneficial for many businesses. Employees took more ownership of their book of business, and as a result, productivity generally increased.

Floral Industry Job Openings: A Changing Scenario

Eight months into the pandemic, floral industry job openings began to show signs of resurgence. Wholesalers across the country and floral distributors based in Miami started hiring for roles such as sales reps and sales managers. As we moved into the second year of the pandemic, some distributors were actively seeking logistics operators and sales managers. Fast forward to the third year, and we now see wholesalers, distributors, and growers searching for mass-market sales reps—a sign that the mass market may become increasingly significant in the years to come.

Rising Salaries: A New Trend

Another significant change has been in the realm of salary recruitment. Before COVID-19, you could attract a Miami distributor sales rep with a base salary of around $45,000 plus commission. Now, the starting point has risen to about $60,000, with room for higher pay based on experience and an existing book of business.

The Undying Allure of Floral Industry Careers

Despite the hardships and challenges, something keeps pulling people back into the realm of floral industry careers. Whether it’s the creative opportunities or the intrinsic beauty of working with flowers, this industry has an undeniable allure.

Pollen Talent: A Catalyst for Growth in the Floral Industry

When the pandemic began, our strategy at Pollen Talent was clear: keep all the talent within the floral industry and not let them leave. To accomplish this, we focused on identifying specific niche sectors outside of the industry that could provide a new pool of candidates. This business started out of necessity, and we have watched the industry change year by year. Our approach has been fruitful, and we’re thrilled about the influx of new talent into the floral industry, both from within and outside the sector. Pollen Talent has been instrumental in this transition, contributing to the industry’s ability to adapt, survive, and thrive.


The journey of the floral industry through the eyes of a recruiter during the COVID-19 era has been a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities. While some companies had to make tough decisions, others found ways to adapt and thrive. Pollen Talent has played a crucial role in helping the industry survive and flourish. The recent trends in floral industry job openings and increased salaries are promising signs for anyone considering a career in this dynamic field.

As we continue pollinating and growing, the future of floral industry careers looks more promising. Connect with us to learn more about floral industry careers!



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