Pollen Talent Joins Forces and Pollinates Success with Certified American Grown as a Preferred Partner

Pollen Talent Joins Forces and Pollinates Success with Certified American Grown as a Preferred Partner

Doral, FL — June 13, 2024 — Pollen Talent, an emerging force in the global floral industry recruitment, proudly announces its new designation as a partner-level associate member of the Certified American Grown. This collaboration marks a critical advancement, providing Certified American Grown members with tailored recruitment services designed to strengthen their workforce and elevate their business goals.

About Certified American Grown:

Founded in 2021, Certified American Grown (CAG) is a national trade association that champions U.S. flower and foliage farmers. Consumers in the United States spend nearly $27 billion annually on floral products. Despite a strong preference for locally grown items, only a small fraction of flowers and foliage sold in the U.S. are domestically produced. CAG is committed to reversing this trend by intensifying educational campaigns aimed at consumers and policymakers to bolster the domestic floral industry.

Pollen Talent and Certified American Grown Partnership:

“We are absolutely delighted to be integrated into Certified American Grown’s associate partner directory,” said Pam Lopez, Talent Director at Pollen Talent. “It is an honor to align with an organization that is so deeply committed to the growth and support of its members, and we are excited to contribute to the American Grown community.”



Members of Certified American Grown will enjoy exclusive benefits from Pollen Talent, including:

  • Industry-Specific Recruitment Expertise: Pollen Talent brings a deep understanding of the floral industry’s unique challenges and dynamics.
  • Custom Recruitment Solutions: Services tailored specifically to meet the needs of Certified American Grown members, ensuring optimal matches between employers and candidates.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Members receive special pricing on Pollen Talent’s recruitment services, enhancing the accessibility of expert hiring solutions.
  • Enhanced Recruitment Guarantees: Pollen Talent provides extended guarantees to ensure satisfaction and long-term success in placements, offering peace of mind to employers.

For Certified American Grown members looking to enhance their recruitment strategies, a dedicated landing page has been established to streamline access to these services.

Further Information and Contact:

Individuals seeking more details about Certified American Grown and its services can contact Anna Kalins (anna@americangrownflowers.org) or Camron King (camron@americangrownflowers.org).

For additional information about Pollen Talent and its services:

Pam Lopez, Talent Director, Pollen Talent

Phone: 305 514 9547

Email: recruiter@pollentalent.com

Website: www.pollentalent.com

Schedule a call: https://calendly.com/floralrecruiter-pollentalent

About Pollen Talent:

Pollen Talent is a premier recruitment firm serving the floral, logistics, and produce sectors. Specializing in a wide range of roles from senior management to entry-level positions, Pollen Talent connects businesses with the essential talent needed to foster growth and achieve operational success.

Committed to innovation and quality, Pollen Talent is the go-to partner for navigating the complexities of recruitment and streamlining the hiring process to optimize results and satisfaction. Reach out to us we can help you pollinate floral success for many years to come.


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