Online Sales for Florist’s: The Dos and Don’ts of Floral Imagery

Online Sales for Florist’s: The Dos and Don’ts of Floral Imagery

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The floral industry is a highly visual one. To ensure that your products are presented in the best light possible, it’s important to keep floral photography and imagery principles in mind. This way, you can attract more customers and increase online floral sales. In person, people can see your beautiful products and floral arrangements in all their glory. However, online, it’s up to product photographs to showcase the products’ beauty and convince customers to convert.

Follow Fleurography’s dos and don’ts in floral imagery to showcase your floral products in the best light possible.

Condition of Flowers


DO use fresh flowers.                      DON’T use wilted flowers.

Always use fresh flowers in good condition. Droopy flowers won’t sell, and it’s essential to prepare beforehand and ensure that the flowers get enough water, so they look their best. Remove broken stems or wilting flowers and give them a fresh spritz before taking your pictures. If needed, you can use tape and florist wire to nudge the flowers into your desired position.



DO use a white or                        DON’T use noisy or colourful backgrounds.
neutral background.

It’s best to use a white, neutral, or monochromatic background to ensure that the focus is on the floral arrangement. A noisy or colorful background is more likely to distract customers from the floral arrangement and should be avoided.



DO take pictures in landscape mode.                   DON’T take pictures in portrait mode.

When it comes to orientation, you must ensure consistency. Most product images are in a square format, making landscape orientation a good option. Avoid taking pictures in portrait by avoiding holding your camera vertically.



DO take front-facing pictures.                                     DON’T take pictures from an angle.

Angle is essential in floral photography as a front-facing picture accurately depicts the product’s dimensions. Taking a picture from the top or from an angle can distort the dimensions and gives consumers an inaccurate idea of the arrangement and its size.



DO take clear pictures.                                                DON’T post blurry or low-quality pictures.

High-quality pictures will show off the arrangement and its freshness. Blurry or low-quality pictures will make your website look less professional and make customers less likely to convert.



DO use natural settings.                                         DON’T use dark backdrops or unnatural settings.

Make sure that your flower arrangements and floral products are styled and displayed in a natural setting. Using dark backdrops, unnatural settings, or harsh flash can distort the image and make the product seem less appealing.



DO ensure even lighting.                                          DON’T post pictures with shadows.

Take advantage of natural light and allow it to shine on your floral arrangement. Be careful about lighting only specific parts of the arrangement or taking pictures in dimly lit areas since this can result in a photograph full of shadows. Your floral photography should be evenly lit to ensure that the product is being shown at its best.



DO focus on the entire arrangement.                 DON’T focus on one part of the arrangement.

While close-ups of the product are important, this can be achieved by zooming in. The focus of the picture should be on the entire product and the arrangement should be seen in full. Focusing on a specific part of the arrangement takes focus away from the overall product.

Let Fleurography Transform Your Floral Imagery

If you haven’t kept these tips in mind for prior photoshoots or simply have pictures that need some touch ups, don’t hesitate to reach out to Fleurography’s editing experts. We can take your floral product photos and breathe new life into them. Whether it’s removing the background or adding shadows, a reflection, or a watermark, we can help you boost your floral photography and maximize your sales.

We also understand the importance of quick turnaround, which is why our editors are available to transform your pictures 24/7 and can process and deliver them within 24 hours. Our prices start from $1.50 per photo, and we offer substantial discounts for large batches – start using Fleurography today by registering here.


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