How to Improve Diversity and Inclusion within your Floral Business?

How to Improve Diversity and Inclusion within your Floral Business?

How to Improve Diversity and Inclusion Within your Floral Business

Diversity doesn’t just happen—it is cultivated by those who want it. A floral business can use the power of inclusion to build its business and positively impact its community. Whether it is through creating authentic art pieces or coming together to support those hurt during a natural disaster, including different perspectives offers new insight and opportunities. Here are some simple steps your floral business can take to promote diversity and inclusion:

1. Create a positive work environment.

Make sure you have a safe and supportive work environment so everyone feels comfortable being themselves. If you want to promote workplace diversity, you need to model it yourself. This will entail removing negative words and comments from your business and ensuring your workers are treated with respect regardless of their identity.

2. Hire employees from different demographics.

An inclusive floral business will attract diverse talent, and employers who hire from diverse backgrounds have higher productivity and lower turnover rates. As a result, there is greater collaboration within the work environment, which eventually leads to better business results. This is the most important thing you can do to grow diversity within your organization.

3. Let your employees express themselves openly.

It is human nature to want to fit in, so you may be concerned that allowing too much self-expression will create a stressful environment. However, studies have shown that those who feel they can be themselves are more productive and make better decisions than those who don’t. The more people feel comfortable expressing themselves, the more of a sense of unity you will have, which attracts the right demographic to work.

4. Work with diverse members of the community.

Working with non-profit organizations that are underrepresented in your area can help you connect your business and residents with resources that support them. For example, you could hold a blood drive for the local hospital or donate to a local charity in your neighborhood. This will not only help you gain a new customer base, but it could also lead to new partnerships and collaborations.

5. Support others through donations and fundraisers.

One way to showcase your floral design business’s diversity is to donate your flowers and time to support those in need. Whether you help refugees build homes, create flower arrangements for a local cancer center, support a flower movement, or help a food bank donate boxed meal

6. Foster an open dialogue about diversity.

As an employer, you should be vocal about having a diverse workplace. In your conversations with employees and customers, you can promote the social and economic benefits that come from a fusion of cultures and backgrounds. You can use the power of media to reach others and increase awareness about the need for diversity within your business. To spark conversation among consumers in your community, write short articles highlighting people who live in your area who are different from you. Tell them why diversity is essential to you if you have regular customers.


To build a successful floral business, remember that it takes more than great flowers and fantastic customer service. It takes people who want to work hard and make a difference in the lives of others. You can do just that as an employer by creating a diverse culture within your company. By creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable being their true selves, you create a welcoming workplace. This will be a benefit to you, your staff, and your customers. Subscribe to our Pollen Talent blogs to learn more tips for your floral business.


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