How to Create a Company Culture

How to Create a Company Culture

Companies today have incredibly laudable goals and ideals. It can be easy to forget that the company’s success often depends on developing a robust and cohesive culture. The floral industry’s culture is generally about spreading the beauty of flowers and appreciating what this industry can offer. Some corporate culture is about creating more time for creativity. The culture of a company should be based on valuing coworkers, encouraging creativity, and being there for each other as individuals.

Tips on Creating a Company Culture

The following are some tips on creating a company culture:

  • Create benefits. Companies tend to get shortchanged in their benefits, placing a more excellent value on things such as raises and bonuses. However, this is problematic because the benefits of your employees are integral to creating a fantastic place to work. An abundance of benefits should include paid time off, maternity leave payouts (assuming you’re offering them), health insurance premiums (obviously!), and profit-sharing programs.
  • Think of your workforce as a team. This means that everyone in the company needs to think about what is best for the business. They should be willing to brainstorm, get on board with new ideas, and help each other at any given moment to the best of their ability.
  • Encourage feedback. The company wants people to feel comfortable enough to tell them the truth, so make it a point to always ask for feedback from your employees (individually and collectively). This can be done through surveys, polls, and even informal conversations. No one should be afraid to put their two cents in.
  • Create a meritocracy. One of the most significant factors that contribute to a healthy company culture is the notion of meritocracy. This means that all employees should be treated equally and fairly. And it’s time for this to go away, as there shouldn’t be any “them” and “us” relationships between employees and bosses – rather, it should be a simple fact that what happens at work should stay at work.
  • Make it fun. Fun is a double-edged sword – as it can ruffle some feathers (particularly if things are getting too serious) or be taken lightly, making the workplace disappointing. But being pumped up and having everyone smile is one of the best ways to foster a happy and healthy workplace culture.

Importance of having a company culture

The following is a list of the many benefits that come along with having a solid company culture:

  1. An engaged (and happy) workforce. Dissatisfied employees are often disengaged, creating a less productive workplace. If your culture is poor, people will be inclined to slack off and avoid putting forth their best effort – resulting in a poor product or service.
  2. Efficient and streamlined operations. If your employees aren’t working well together, you’ll have problems cropping up here and there. If everyone has good relationships with each other, then you’ll have a much smoother operation.
  3. Higher morale. If you create a great culture and people are excited to work there, you’re bound to see higher morale – people will be happy and more excited about their work, resulting in better quality products over time.


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