How to Find New Employees

How to Find New Employees

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Experienced and knowledgeable employees are the backbone of every company’s success. Yet, it’s not always easy to hire new employees. The hiring process is usually complex and lengthy, and some companies may not know where to start. However, when done right, a business can take advantage of all the employees have to offer. The following are some of the best options to utilize when looking for new employees.

Job Websites

46% of new hires come from online job boards and third-party websites. When posting about flower industry jobs, ensure you include details and thorough job descriptions to ensure the best possible engagement rate. Additionally, it’s wise to post on multiple job websites instead of one to reach a broad audience.

Word of Mouth 

Networking is essential in every industry and can be used to fill jobs. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool in engaging new employees.

Doing It Yourself 

Not every business has an HR department, but if you have one or have employees familiar with HR processes, you can recruit employees yourself. This includes using strategies such as word of mouth or searching job boards and websites. 

Referral Programs 

Research has shown that 48% of new hires come from employee referrals. Thus, referral programs are an excellent source for hiring new employees. One of the best ways to fill flower industry jobs is to offer existing employees bonuses or other incentives to refer high-quality candidates. 


One of the best ways to obtain talented and qualified employees is through recruiters and staffing firms. This accounts for 34% of new hires and is a surefire way to hire the best talent. Recruitment firms can access talent pools you cannot and find the perfect candidates to fit empty roles. Specialized recruitment firms such as floral recruiting agencies also have the know-how that comes with being in the industry and know what’s required in terms of experience and education.

At Pollen Talent, we recruit talent for flower industry jobs. As a floral recruiting agency, we specialize in the field and match talent with the best companies. Partner with us for comprehensive recruitment services, including thoroughly vetted candidates. Reach out to us here to start the process. 


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