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At Pollen Talent, we´re deeply rooted in the unique landscape of the flower industry and are dedicated to matching your company with individuals who have the skills, experience, and passion to flourish in this vibrant sector. Our extensive networks and thorough vetting procedures, including skill assessments and industry-specific interviews, ensure that we provide talent options perfectly suited to your company´s needs. Join our vetted candidate program and seize the opportunity to elevate your team to new heights by bringing in the best and brightest talent from the floral world.

1. Join the Hive

Buzz into our vetted candidate program by subscribing and completing the questionnaire.

Define the soft skills expected from an ideal candidate.

Understand Company´s culture and organizational structure to focus the search of potential candidates and ensure a long-term association for both parties.

2. Blossom Consultation

Arrange a meeting with our team to delve into your hiring needs, qualifications, and company culture. Based on this, we´ll categorize your company and ensure you receive candidates with experience tailored to your requirements.

3. Get Buzzing

Sign the Pollen Talent agreement and pay an annual fee to join our exclusive emailing list and attract floral industry talent. If you hire a candidate, this fee will blossom into a credit towards the commission service fee.

4. Candidate Presentation

Whenever we spot a candidate buzzing with potential for your needs, we´ll send you a detailed report of their professional experience and floral industry assessment results, keeping their personal details and company names under wraps.

5. Meet the Bees

If a vetted candidate catches your interest, we’ll arrange a meeting for you to evaluate and meet them in person.

6. Select and Succeed

Should you decide to hire the candidate, the Pollen Talent vetted candidate program fee will be credited once the candidate is successfully integrated into your company.

Find Your Perfect Team Match

Unlock Your Team’s Potential: Get Two Free Candidate Resumes Tailored to Your Needs

Embark on a journey to find the perfect addition to your team with our simple process. Just fill out the information below, and we’ll provide you with two resumes from our pool of pre-approved candidates that align with your search criteria, completely free of charge. These resumes will showcase the skills and expertise of the candidates without revealing their names or contact information, ensuring privacy and security for both parties. Take the first step towards enhancing your workforce with talented individuals who are ready to make a difference in your business.

Disclaimer: Please note that by submitting your information, you are also agreeing to sign up for our monthly newsletter, which will keep you informed about recruiting trends, salary expectations, and more. Additionally, our team will reach out to you within 48-72 hours to proceed with the process. Your patience and cooperation are highly appreciated as we work to find the best matches for your team.

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