Our recruiting process is meticulously designed to ensure the success of both the candidate and the hiring company. We conduct a thorough evaluation to guarantee that the match is a perfect fit for both parties..

1. Startup Process

Our search and research strategies are defined together with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

Define an ideal position profile or job description according to clients’ needs narrowing down objectives, required knowledge, experience, abilities, and skills.

Define the soft skills expected from an ideal candidate.

Understand Company´s culture and organizational structure to focus the search of potential candidates and ensure a long-term association for both parties.

2. Strategic Search for Candidates

Extensive research of candidates within the Floral job market/industry and parallel industries that relate well to the this industry due to relatable and transferable set of skills.

Establish a list of candidate profiles within expectable skills and salary range with high hiring potential.

3. Evaluation Process

In depth evaluation Interviews done by our team specialists assuring flower industry skills and knowledge.

Tests/Assessment: Potential candidates complete several tests and evaluations related to their work ethic and demeanor; this is used to determine if they will be an optimal match for the corporate culture of our client companies and flower industry.

In this step of the process our consultants make sure each potential candidate fully comprehend how the flower Industry works, what is expected of them in a short and large term and all the exigencies that each position requires.

4. Introducing Potential Candidates to Our Clients

Our company provides a complete report of each potential candidate. This report includes: a general candidate profile, a comprehensive evaluation of skills and abilities, Flower Knowledge, a list of achievements for each candidate, test and assessment results.

Pollen Talent also provides videos of each candidate evaluation interview for the client to examine.

With this information, the client can choose final candidates to interview.

5. Client Candidate evaluation Interviews

Our company will provide access to all necessary meeting platforms if needed (e.g. ZOOM or Google Meetings) to make sure that interviews can be carried out seamlessly.

As our clients HR Business partners we make sure to provide all needed information and consultancy to assure an assertive decision for both employer and candidate.

6. Hiring and candidate On Boarding process

Pollen Talent strive to make long term connections.

We will provide support as a mediating party in order to successfully attract and retain highly desirable candidates.

7. Feedback for Candidates Who Are Not Selected

Upon your request, our company will contact and thank all candidates who participated in the job screening process.

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