About Pollen Talent

Proudly collaborating with CalFlowers, Pollen Talent specializes in tailored recruiting solutions for the floral industry. From growers to florists, our expertise and network save you time and money. Plus, CalFlowers members enjoy special pricing and benefits.

Exclusive Benefits for CalFlowers Members

Reduced Commission Rate

We’re excited to share a special benefit for all CalFlowers members: We’ve lowered the commission fee and can’t wait to pass these savings on to you!

Reduced Deposit Fee

Additionally, we’re providing a reduced recruitment deposit fee to make our services more accessible and convenient for everyone. This exclusive offer is available only to CalFlowers members.

Extended Replacement Guarantee

As part of our CalFlowers membership benefits, we are delighted to offer an extended replacement guarantee. While the standard industry norm is 90 days, we go above and beyond by extending our guarantee to 120 days, providing you with added peace of mind.

Connect With Us

If an employer:
Disclaimer: No information will be shared, all information is kept confidential.


We specialize in a wide range of floral industry positions including executives, CEOs, sales professionals, marketing roles, logistics roles, wholesale managers, greenhouse technicians, and more throughout all sectors.
We use a thorough vetting process, including interviews, skill assessments, and over 30 combined years of experience within all sectors of the floral industry, to ensure the candidate’s floral career goal aligns with the company’s culture, growth potential and job requirements.
Simply submit your resume and portfolio through our website. Our team will then reach out to discuss your floral industry career goals and potential floral job opportunities.
Companies can save time and resources, access a pre-vetted pool of talent, and receive expert guidance on finding the right fit for their team. They can also feel confident in having Pollen Talent as a partner, knowing that we understand the floral industry and are here to help the entire floral industry to continue to grow.
Yes, we can help you find any length of employment, including temporary and freelance positions, what we are not is a staffing agency.

Our deep understanding of the floral industry, relationships, proven track record, large network, industry-specific approach, specialized recruiting process, and commitment to finding the perfect match set us apart.

We offer comprehensive support, including coaching candidates for interviews, guiding salary negotiations, scheduling interview appointments, and assisting with onboarding for companies, ensuring a seamless transition. Our goal is to simplify the process for all involved. For hiring companies, we provide insights into industry salary norms and average work experience. Additionally, we encourage thinking outside the box to source talent from across the floral industry and beyond, tapping into diverse sectors for potential candidates.
We certainly do. As past floral industry employees, we understand how small the industry is, so we practice the most discretion possible for both the potential employees and hiring company at all times.
We work with a diverse range of company sizes, from small wholesalers to large international distributors.
We operate on a non-exclusive basis, allowing your company the flexibility to pursue its own candidates without any restrictions from our end. However, if you prefer an exclusive partnership, we offer a reduced commission and deposit, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties involved.