Benefits of Working Remotely

Benefits of Working Remotely

Benefits of Working Remotely

Remote work used to be an option available to some, but it wasn’t a popular one. , However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has changed. In the U.S, more than 4.3 million people work remotely, and this number will only increase. Remote work is the new norm, and it is advantageous for employees and employers in the floral industry. People might think that the floral industry is one of those that cannot operate remotely, but this is far from the truth.

From initiation and client procurement to marketing and promotion, each step can be carried out remotely. Floral distributors, growers and even flower wholesalers can benefit from remote workers on your team.

Let’s discuss the benefits of working remotely and how it can grow your business.

Remote Work Benefits

Saves Time and Money

Floral professionals can greatly save time and money through remote work. Traveling to and from work can be expensive and time-consuming. You can also save expenses on lunches, birthday dinners, work wardrobes, etc. Saving time and money can increase employee morale, quality of life, and work productivity.

Working Flexibility

Employees have the freedom and flexibility to work according to their schedules. They don’t have to miss out on appointments, errands, etc., because of their work commitments. As long as you complete work on time, meet deadlines, and keep up with your colleagues, you can work however and wherever you please, allowing for less downtime and more productivity when employees are engaged.

Comfortable Environment

One of the major benefits of working from home is having a comfortable environment. This is great for maintaining work/life balance and promoting positive mental health. When working from home, in-office politics isn’t something you have to deal with. Moreover, there’s no stress of tackling traffic, which gets you more family time.

Wider Reach

COVID-19 has made remote working favorable, and it is a requirement for many employees and employers nowadays. It is especially beneficial for the floral industry as they don’t have to hire locally now. They can benefit from the wider reach and select remote workers from anywhere globally, working in different time zones and having different expertise. This reduces training time and relocation costs and for an opportunity to grow your business globally or have employees in certain strategic geographical areas. Imagine having a sales rep in your four top markets and being able to visit you’re the, on a whim or not having to pay travel expenses.

Increased Productivity

Due to the growing demand and season of flowers, increased productivity is necessary to meet consumer demand. In such cases, remote workers are beneficial. They focus on getting their work done on time. Moreover, workers don’t take leave because of appointments; they can take a break whenever they want and complete work afterward. Thus, productivity increases due to increased availability.

Use of Technology

Advancement in technology has simplified remote work and made it accessible for everyone. You can communicate effectively and keep your team updated about your workflow through various software programs and apps, no matter where you are. Improved communication also prompts collaboration and task optimization.

Working Hybrid

Many companies in the floral industry also give their workers the chance to work in a hybrid model. That is a half week in the office and half remotely. This means that tasks that require physical presence can also be taken care of, and remote tasks like marketing, promotion, arrangement, client procurement, sales, etc., are handled remotely, giving employees ample peace and relaxation time. This is also a great way to continue building company morale and bonding within the team.

The world is evolving, the floral industry is growing, and it needs to change with the times. Reach out to Pollen Talent for more ideas for optimizing your business and introducing remote work in your company to widen your reach and procure top talent.


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